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Alphabetical keys

Click the button or press the letter key corresponding to the note shown. Don't worry about which octave it's in.

Onscreen keyboard

Note wheel

MIDI input


Choose input

Mode select

TODO list

  • It still needs to be much more obvious that an input has been accepted, and whether or not it was correct.
  • It'll tell you how long you take on average.
    • I will also add an option to hide the time pressure.
  • See the disabled input radios for the intended additional input types. The holy grail is to connect my MIDI piano.
  • I'll probably do other clefs eventually, but I don't need them...

Designer's notes

  • I built it because the one I have on Android rolls notes sideways, which I can't follow for very long before it makes my eyes go funny.
  • I don't currently intend to make a login/session-based version of this, but I'll keep thinking about what in-session statistics can be generated.
    • I can add more lesson types if anyone things of them.